Happy Friendship Day – History,About & When is Friendship Day 2018?

Firstly Happy Friendship Day to all. International friendship day 2018 is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day is celebrated on the First Sunday of August every year. It is a day we dedicate to our friends, near and dear to us, The day when we relish the beautiful relationship of friendship. We all are well versed with the day but we never bothered to know about its history. Let’s know about the history and establish a connect with the essence of the day and pay a tribute to our friendship.

About Friendship Day 2018

Originally celebrated in the west, this day dates its existence back in 1935. That year when it first incepted and the U.S. Congress realized the importance of this day and the importance of one’s friend in one’s life. From that point on, this friendship-day-flower blossomed in every part of the world and celebrated by the people everywhere every year.

History of Friendship Day

In 1997, Winnie the Pooh was appointed the Mascot of Friendship. Since the man is a social creature, friendship proves to be an exquisite relationship that satisfies the man’s intrinsic psychological needs and that is why we value and care for our friends. The history of friendship is also reflected in the history of mankind which is manifested in numerous folklores and old legends carried over the generations.

History of friendship in Bible

The relationship of friendship also becomes obvious in the Old Testimonial and the New Testimonial. In the old testimonial, Abraham is referred to as the friend of God and in the New Testimonial; friendship is manifested in the relationship between the Lord Jesus and his disciples.

History of friendship in Mahabharata

The most renowned Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna also displays many paradigms of his friendship in different avatars. We also come across many folklores and tales chanted widely in many Hindu ceremonies. Arjuna and Sudama were one of his friends. His friendship is also independent of societal boundaries of rich or poor, upper or lower caste. He gazed at friendship with a lens of commonness and kindness.

Friendship in Islam

Many of the Jewish prophets and bible patriarchs are also revered by Islam. But none is more important than Abraham. But Islam also zeroes in on the concept of quality of friendship. In authentic Hadith, Prophet Muhammad says “A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend.”

The friendship day has been gaining traction since a long time and is now celebrated as a festival in every part of the world, penetrating across different cultures, religion, languages and even boundaries on the world map. Friendship is a gift so we should preserve and cherish it.

It’s not a crusade, a stunt or a-boring-normal-day but a special day you wish to make for your friend when you show him the sheer sense of dedication, your love, your affection for them to make them feel that you care. And leverage all your bondings for the magic of this day to play on. Gift them something special which strengthens your bond. Wish you a happy friendship day 2018. Have a Great day with your friends.

Significance of Friends and Friendship Day

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” We have most of the times come across this phrase. True friendship is about being with your friends; bail them out when whole world falls down on them. Sometimes when you hesitate to seek help from your family, friends prove to be a savior. Not only this you are also with them every time and always make their mood light up even when they are depressed about something. Friends are an indispensable part of our lives and are always there with us when no one else is.

True friendship not only judges your word but also have the ability to understand your emotions, about what’s in your mind just by looking at you or understanding your talking tone. And that’s what makes this relationship elusive. So such a relationship must be nurtured with care and affection. You can say it’s delicate. And that’s exactly what necessitates the bringing forward of a day when you acknowledge your love and pay tribute to your friendship.

Since its Sunday we can evenly break out of our hectic lives and scoop out one day of year for the friends. Roll on, lurk around and feed frenzied friends. Have fun. Happy Friendship Day 2018 to all.

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