How to stay hot and healthy when it’s freezing outside in winter

We are not living in prehistoric times when a cold spell may wipe out an entire clan. This is the 21st century, so a little cold shouldn’t kill people in the developed world. How does one stay healthy and fit when it is so cold outside? Being chilly may not be so bad if you want to go for a run, but what if it is raining or snowing. How can you stay healthy if it is freezing outside?

How to stay hot and healthy when it’s freezing outside in winter

Go to a gym regularly

So you cannot go outside because it is too cold, so why not join a gym and stay fit that way. It is going to cost you a lot more than the great outdoors does, but if you are complaining about the cold then try going to a gym. Try the free trial periods that many gyms offer to new customers.

Run in the cold outside

It is not so bad running in the cold. You do not feel it so much because you are running and creating heat. If it is bitterly cold then you may feel it on your nose and your fingers, but otherwise it is nice to be able to stay cool as you are running. This is realy important in How to stay hot and healthy when it’s freezing outside in winter.

You do not have to eat hot meals everyday

This is just a fact of the matter, just because it is cold does not mean you have to have a hot meal every day. Where it says that you will remain healthy if you eat a hot meal on a cold day is a mystery because it is no big deal. If you are already ill or you are sickly then it is possible that you may need a hot meal on a cold day, but as a well person it shouldn’t really matter.

A good mix of food is always good

If you want to stay healthy then you should have a balanced diet, but because many people seem to translate that into, “I should have a salad,” you should know that a good mix of food is like having a balanced diet. It means not having the same thing all the time and mixing it up a little on a daily basis. Another important point in How to stay hot and healthy when it’s freezing outside in winter guide.

Stay hydrated as always

Staying hydrated during cold weather is imperative if you are working out. Some people do not get enough fluid when they work out during the winter months because they figure they do not sweat as much but they do, which means you really need to stay hydrated.

Urinating does not make you colder

There is this nutty idea circulating that if you urinate during cold weather that you lose body heat from your urine. It is true that you lose a tiny bit of body heat, but your urine comes from a pretty deep place within your body, which means your body (mostly your liver) has already replenished the heat moments after what little you lost from urinating. In other words, holding your pee will not keep you warm.

If you are shivering at home then you are not being productive

People that are cold and that are shivering are not being productive. If you are running outside in the cold then it is unlikely that you are shaking and shivering, but if you are being silly and trying sit-ups then you are not being productive. If you are shivering you are not working out in a manner that is good for you. If you are in your home and shivering then no matter what you are doing you are doing it productively.

Spring clean in the house to get rid of dust

If you are going to stay in and exercise then try to get rid of the excess dust in your house. There is probably quite a lot more than you think, and it is not doing you any favors. If you are planning on working out indoors then remove a bit of dust first to be on the safe side.

Moisture may still be a problem in your home especially on cold walls

What happens is that the moisture in the air is attracted to cold places, and if your walls are cold then the water is attracted in that direction. You will then find condensation which leads to mold which leads to allergies and breathing problems. Try to avoid this whenever possible.

Wake up early to catch as much sun as possible

In the winter the sunlight hours do not last as long. It gets dark earlier, which means you should wake up a little earlier and try to be awake more during the sunlight hours. Not only is the sun good for you, but you will also be less prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It is nicer to go running in the sun than it is in the dark and gloom that blankets the sky at 7pm in the winter.

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