How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

Today we will discuss about how to set roblox parental controls.That’s why I recently introduced you to Roblox for the iPad . With a total of around 60 million games to choose from and up to 90 million active users a month, you should keep your eyes open not only as a player, but as a parent as well. Because despite the developers of Roblox the games and the exchange of users moderate, youth and privacy should not be completely ignored.

European users should surpass US users

As Roblox told, Europe is already the second largest market for developers and their platform. It is also expected that “the number of European users will exceed the number of US users over the next two years”. The mixture of Lego and Minecraft especially targets children as users. More than 50% of the accounts are managed by persons under the age of 13. Despite a zero-tolerance policy of the Roblox-makers regarding obscene, offensive or indecent content as well as corresponding chats or data queries, parents should not leave their children completely alone in the virtual world.Thats why you need to know about roblox parental controls.

That’s what parents can do for safety

If your kids want to play Roblox and you want to make it a little bit safer, then this is the best way to do it (in the web browser): Click on the gear in the top right corner and then on Settings . On the Settings page of Roblox, select the Security tab . Now you can specify, among other things, the two-factor backup and an account PIN. This ensures that it is difficult to hack into the account of your children. It’s also a good idea to enable the account restrictions . This allows your child to use only verified content and no contact information is displayed. A Roblox guide for parents with more tips and information can be found with this link .

Roblox Parental Controls
Your child’s Roblox account has settings that are conducive to youth and privacy protection.

There are also in the settings nor the tab Privacy , you should also look at you. There you can also deactivate the chat function (set contact settings to “off”) or adjust the corresponding conditions for the chat. For “Who can write me messages?” There are the choices “Friends” and “Nobody”. The same goes for the app setting. Unfortunately no friends can be selected for the in-game experience – there is only “Everyone” or “Nobody”. There is more choice in More Settings . Server Invitations, Game Joins, and Inventory Insight can be scheduled for Followers, Followed People, and so on.

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Why parents should know their children’s Roblox account

In the above linked article some examples from the shoals of the game collection are called, where it is not quite as child-friendly. Obscene chats, interrogation of phone numbers, disturbing game behavior of users or NPCs as well as illegal game content can occur. Even if they are quickly deleted after discovery by the developers and the creators are banned, some try again and again. For example, a “Landser” group should have uploaded Wehrmacht songs. But that is not the rule and is, as already described, removed. Those who only allow their children to access checked contents should be able to calm down.

What is your opinion on the topic? Are online content always a double-edged sword or should the Roblox makers look through the game worlds and their content before publishing? Feel free to leave your opinion on the game, concept and messages as a comment.

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