Roblox Now Has More Active Players Than Minecraft

Roblox Now Has More Active Players Than Minecraft

The creators of the Game Roblox announce a new number of gamers and that is above the number of Minecraft players.

Do you know Roblox? Maybe you know, because More players are playing roblox than Minecraft. Roblox is also available for almost all stationary and mobile platforms.

As the creators of Roblox announce, the number of active monthly players has now surpassed the 100 million worldwide. This makes Roblox more successful than Microsoft’s Minecraft, where the number of monthly active players is around 90 million.

Similar to Minecraft, Roblox focuses on the creativity of the players. They can let off steam in the 3D online game world and let their imagination run wild. Optionally alone or with other players.

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Roblox – Achievements Guide

With 100 million monthly active players, Roblox has reached a new milestone. Month after month, according to the developers, Roblox will be played over 1 billion hours, creating more than 50 million pieces of content. To celebrate the achieved milestone, there is one for each player for a short time free item – a bunch of gold bars . The offer is valid until the 16th of August.

“Roblox started with just 100 players and a handful of creative minds that inspired each other, creating the foundation for creativity, collaboration and imagination that continues to grow,” recalls Roblox founder and CEO David Baszucki. Roblox began more than a decade ago with the vision of bringing people together in a playful way.

At the upcoming Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) game designers, scripters, farmers and artists from all over the world will meet. It will present the innovations that will be introduced gradually at Roblox in the near future.

Regarding the Roblox community itself: The game is currently available in German, English, French, Spanish and several other languages. The players come from 200 countries and 40 percent are female.

Roblox – Achievements Guide

Roblox - Achievements Guide

Welcome to our solution of Roblox in our Roblox – Player Guide / Achievement Guide , with its guarantees on the safe side are ending the game at 100%. All achievements / trophies are clear and understandable and usually described as getting all Roblox Achievements during a gameplay run. Deviations or more passes, of course, we mention, if available, always extra!

You may even have a cool trick, a valuable tip or a good hint for our Roblox Achievements Guide / Achievement Guide solution ? Then nothing like it! Just write to us, leave a comment or visit us and discuss how best to score the Roblox Achievements / Achievements best, fastest and easiest.

  • Offline Achievements: 9 Achievements (for 910 Gamerscore)
  • Online Achievements: 2 Achievements (for 90 Gamerscore)
  • Difficulty of successes: 1/10
  • Does the difficulty affect the achievements ?: no
  • Time required for 1000 gamerscore: approx. 3-5 +/-
  • How often to play ?: 1 time + daily log in for 20 days
  • Achievements you can miss: none known

Roblox Roadmap

ROBLOX does not fit into a classic genre raster. Rather, it provides different genres in the form of content and mini-games that are also created by users. Consequently, you can come across platforms, role-playing, shooter, strategy or puzzle, dexterity, etc. Currently ROBLOX is available as a free-2-play variant in the US Xbox store for download . A release of ROBLOX in Europe is planned and should be done ” soon “.

Note: There is ROBLOX’s in-game currency ROBUX, which you can use to upgrade and change the appearance of your ROBLOX avatar. In addition, in-game power-ups can be purchased with ROBUX. ROBUX are offered in different units and prices vary between $ 4.99 for ROBUX 400 and $ 199.99 for ROBUX 22,500. So far, nothing is known that you need the ROBUX to complete ROBLOX, ie all successes / Achievements can be earned without real money to invest.

Good to know: In order to earn all the successes in ROBLOX, you have to be permanently online. However, there are only two achievements that you need to effectively play online with others together, so the remaining nine achievements can be credited to the offline category.

ROBLOX – Game Pass 1:

There is no effective, say “classic” gameplay in ROBLOX. Through the menu you can call 15 different games and choose the one that suits you best. Mostly, it is not really important that you have to understand what to do in each game, as you can usually get the results without much effort. In order to start, you have to create a ROBLOX account at the first ROBLOX start.

Attention: If you have created the account, the game will restart automatically! Do not worry, that’s normal and so wanted, just wait and see the process.

Now play 15 games offered to you in the menu, just in order, which will guarantee you the success of Scout , Explorer and Trailblazer . Five of the 15 games you should rate after completion for the success Pollster .

Note: Be prepared for the fact that sometimes you can get a slightly longer load time if you start a game from the menu.

ROBLOX – Game Pass 2:

Once you complete the required 15 games, take care of changing your avatar appearance. You can do it without any money and thus secure the success One Name, Many Faces .

Then take care of the temporal successes Marathon , 3 Day Roll , 10 Day Roll and 20 Day Roll . How you can do that best, we have described the success of each. As a general recommendation we can give you “exaggerated regularity” on the way.

Finally, the two successes Strength in Numbers and Four’s Company remain. While Strength in Numbers , see Achievement Description, is quite easy to get, Four’s Company unfortunately has some problems and is currently hard to beat. However, it is foreseeable that a solution will be provided by means of an update so that the success of Four’s Company can be obtained without any problems. It is unclear for the moment when exactly that will be.

Roblox – Achievements Guide

Scout – 10 Gamerscore –

roblox scout achievement

You played a ROBLOX game.Start ROBLOX and play a game of your choice. At the latest, when you have completed the game, the success belongs to you.

For more information and tips see Trailblazer .

Explorer – 50 Gamerscore –

roblox Explorer achievement

You played 5 different ROBLOX games.There are five different ROBLOX games to complete. Once you’ve finished the fifth, you’ll get the 50 Gamerscore points credited to your account.

For more information and tips see Trailblazer .

Trailblazer – 200 Gamerscore –

roblox trailblazer achievement

Played 15 different ROBLOX games.In general, you have to create a ROBLOX account to play – see also the ROBLOX Roadmap. Once the account has been created, it will be used automatically as soon as you start ROBLOX.

Once you’ve started ROBLOX and arrived in the home menu, switch to the Featured Games section. To get there, ride with the cursor in the lower right corner and click on the icon with the three points in quotes -> “…” Confirmed this icon with the A button and comes in the area where it lists the different games finds. In order to be successful, you do not have to play the games, it is enough if you call them accordingly, let them charge completely and then leave after a short time. Proceed as follows:

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Choose the first game and once it has fully loaded, wait about 10-15 seconds. Then you can leave the game and start the next game. Wait until it has finished loading and leave it again after about 10-15 seconds. Repeat this process until you have started the required 15 games in this way.

Good to know: It is important that you really make sure that the game you have selected has effectively loaded completely. In addition, you should actually wait about 10-15 seconds before you leave the game and return to the menu. If you do not, it may happen that the selected title is considered ” not played “.

Tip: The success Trailblazer you can combine very well with the success Pollster , as you have to rate games.

Pollster – 50 Gamerscore –

roblox Pollster achievement

You rated 5 ROBLOX Games.Once you have ” played ” a game , you can give it a rating. This also works if you just start the game , as described in the success Trailblazer , wait about 10-15 seconds and leave the game again.

Did you ” finish ” a game , go back to the selection menu and missed the game in question a ” thumbs up ” or ” thumbs down “. You’ll have to do that in another four games to get that success. Of course you are free to rate the remaining ten games as well.

Important: Do not confuse the rating of the games with the option of a favorite, which is possible at any time before the game starts. However, rating for Pollster’s success is only possible AFTER playing a ROBLOX game.

Marathon – 50 Gamerscore –

roblox Marathon achievement

You played one ROBLOX Game for one hour! The success marathon is not counted cumulatively (!), So you have to spend at least a constant one hour in a game of your choice. You can do that for example in the game ” Speed ​​Run 4 “. The advantage of this game, it offers you a timer in the top right corner of the screen. So you are always up to date, how far you are advanced in time. For the success marathon you have to endure in any case 3600 seconds!

You can make it easier to get the success by having a cable controller at hand. Join this and start the ROBLOX game ” Speed ​​Run 4 “. Once you’re in the game, your timer is counted up by 600 seconds on average every ten minutes (real time).

Important: Make sure that you are not registered as idle for longer. This happens if you do not move the sticks every now and then. It also counts as “idle” when the screen goes dark. If this lasts 20 minutes and longer, you are thrown out of the game and have to start all over again.

One Name, Many Faces – 50 Gamerscore –

roblox One Name, Many Faces achievement

You changed your avatar’s look! Start ROBLOX and as soon as you have arrived in the home menu press RB to get to the avatars and then press the A button. Then scroll right to the “Free Avatars”. Choose one of these avatars and the 50 gamerscore points are yours.

3 Day Roll – 100 Gamerscore –

roblox 3 Day Roll achievement

You played ROBLOX for Xbox on 3 consecutive days. It is important that you play ROBLOX on three consecutive days or register as far in the game as to land in the main menu! For this, you must have dialed into the game once a day, on average every 24 hours.

For more tips, information and hints see Success 20 Day Roll .

ROBLOX guide 10 Day Roll – 200 Gamerscore –

roblox 10 Day Roll achievement

You played ROBLOX for Xbox on 10 consecutive days.For ten days, you must log in completely in ROBLOX every day, usually every 24 hours.

For more info, tips and hints see Success 20 Day Roll .

ROBLOX guide 20 Day Roll – 200 Gamerscore –

roblox 20 Day Roll achievement

You played ROBLOX for Xbox on 20 consecutive days. For the successes 3 Day Roll , 10 Day Roll and 20 Day Roll you have to log into ROBLOX every day, usually every 24 hours, so you have to start the game from the ground up and into the main menu (main menu). navigate.

This is basically enough for success, you do not have to play any of the games available in ROBLOX effectively. In order to get this success, however, there are a few minor things to note, as it is also not clear how the game measures the time for this success.

  • Unfortunately, the Achievement App or Achievements App is not helpful, as your applications will not be tracked and you will not be able to track progress.
  • Make sure you exit the game as soon as you log in, ie press the Xbox key to return to the Xbox Home screen and then press the Menu key (the key with the three dashes among each other) so that ” Close application “ROBLOX quit.
  • For example, if you start a ROBLOX game in the evening at 8:00 pm, stop it, and restart it at 8:00 am for 12 hours, the game does not recognize that it is a new day – even though it is fundamentally the case.
  • If in doubt, starting from a 24-hour turn, the game starts several times to be on the safe side. In addition to logging in, you can also start a game as described in the Success Trailblazer .
  • Offline success can not be sped up by manually modifying the date of the Xbox One.

Strength in Numbers – 45 Gamerscore

roblox strength in numbers achievement

You joined Xbox ROBLOX for Xbox. For this success you need the support of a friend, whereby it generally works with a “random player”. It is important that you are briefly together with another player / friend in an Xbox Party together and you prefer to play both ROBLOX. You should also note that you first invite a friend to the Xbox Party or join their existing party and then start a ROBLOX game. If you’re already in ROBLOX and then invite a friend into your Xbox Party or join an existing party, that’s not counted for success. If that’s the case, let the Xbox Party pass, stop ROBLOX and restart it to get the success.

Good to know: According to various players, it is probably also possible to obtain success even if your invited friend does not play ROBLOX. If you want to try this, you should first invite a friend to an Xbox Party and then start ROBLOX.

Four’s Company – 45 Gamerscore –

roblox Four's Company achievement

You got into a ROBLOX Game with 3 of your Xbox friends!

Glitched / buggy success

This success is sometimes not easy to come by and a few precautions must be taken before tackling it.

Important: Four players are required. Each of the four players must be in each of the friends list. BUT , the friend request should not be made through the Xbox One, but through either an Xbox 360 console or The background is that the friend list on the Xbox 360 works a bit different than on the Xbox One. In addition, none of the four players in the console may be displayed offline.

Once done, make sure all four players are in a party and start ROBLOX at the same time. One player starts a game and the other three players from the party should automatically be taken into the game, more specifically in the lobby. It is important to note that all four players in the Friends Tab of ROBLOX must be listed as active players. Should a player be missing, ROBLOX will finish as well as the party and rebuild everything.

It can happen that not all players get the success. Should this be the case, the player should start the game without this success. If all attempts fail, there is no other way than to find new players and try again.

Attention: The success is not always unlocked immediately. It may happen that you have to wait a few minutes in the game until the activation message appears on the screen!

How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

Today we will discuss about how to set roblox parental controls.That’s why I recently introduced you to Roblox for the iPad . With a total of around 60 million games to choose from and up to 90 million active users a month, you should keep your eyes open not only as a player, but as a parent as well. Because despite the developers of Roblox the games and the exchange of users moderate, youth and privacy should not be completely ignored.

European users should surpass US users

As Roblox told, Europe is already the second largest market for developers and their platform. It is also expected that “the number of European users will exceed the number of US users over the next two years”. The mixture of Lego and Minecraft especially targets children as users. More than 50% of the accounts are managed by persons under the age of 13. Despite a zero-tolerance policy of the Roblox-makers regarding obscene, offensive or indecent content as well as corresponding chats or data queries, parents should not leave their children completely alone in the virtual world.Thats why you need to know about roblox parental controls.

That’s what parents can do for safety

If your kids want to play Roblox and you want to make it a little bit safer, then this is the best way to do it (in the web browser): Click on the gear in the top right corner and then on Settings . On the Settings page of Roblox, select the Security tab . Now you can specify, among other things, the two-factor backup and an account PIN. This ensures that it is difficult to hack into the account of your children. It’s also a good idea to enable the account restrictions . This allows your child to use only verified content and no contact information is displayed. A Roblox guide for parents with more tips and information can be found with this link .

Roblox Parental Controls
Your child’s Roblox account has settings that are conducive to youth and privacy protection.

There are also in the settings nor the tab Privacy , you should also look at you. There you can also deactivate the chat function (set contact settings to “off”) or adjust the corresponding conditions for the chat. For “Who can write me messages?” There are the choices “Friends” and “Nobody”. The same goes for the app setting. Unfortunately no friends can be selected for the in-game experience – there is only “Everyone” or “Nobody”. There is more choice in More Settings . Server Invitations, Game Joins, and Inventory Insight can be scheduled for Followers, Followed People, and so on.

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Why parents should know their children’s Roblox account

In the above linked article some examples from the shoals of the game collection are called, where it is not quite as child-friendly. Obscene chats, interrogation of phone numbers, disturbing game behavior of users or NPCs as well as illegal game content can occur. Even if they are quickly deleted after discovery by the developers and the creators are banned, some try again and again. For example, a “Landser” group should have uploaded Wehrmacht songs. But that is not the rule and is, as already described, removed. Those who only allow their children to access checked contents should be able to calm down.

What is your opinion on the topic? Are online content always a double-edged sword or should the Roblox makers look through the game worlds and their content before publishing? Feel free to leave your opinion on the game, concept and messages as a comment.

how to play roblox on ipad

how to play roblox on ipad

Roblox is a game app for various platforms, in which users not only have the choice of countless games, but also can design their own. Roblox is, so to speak, a gaming kit for those for whom Minecraft does not have enough options. Or rather, it’s like a big, virtual Lego box, from which you can draw with full hands to create game worlds. All this is free, offers in-app purchases, and can be downloaded for Apple Mac, Windows PC, iOS and Android devices, Amazon devices and Xbox One, as well as the VR experience with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Roblox meanwhile also on the Apple iPad

The games kit with a community of millions of users worldwide has been on the market since 2005/2006. New is the gaming tinkering with kid-friendly design so not – but since then more and more platforms have been developed in addition to the Windows PC. Mobile and still with strong hardware in the background you can play Roblox for example on the iPad on iOS. The software also runs on Android smartphones and tablets. This opens up completely new target groups and offers children, adolescents and adults the opportunity to play community games anywhere and with cross-platform support.

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Roblox download for iOS and Android

As mentioned above, the Roblox platform is available for iOS and Android. The downloads can be found at the official sources; the App Store and the Play Store . In addition, the software is also available in the Microsoft Store for Windows and Xbox, on Amazon and so on. Also a version for the Sony PlayStation 4 is in development, it is with Wikipedia . More information and insights can be found on the official website of Roblox.

Roblox download for iOS and Android

As mentioned above, the Roblox platform is available for iOS and Android. The downloads can be found at the official sources; the App Store and the Play Store . In addition, the software is also available in the Microsoft Store for Windows and Xbox, on Amazon and so on. Also a version for the Sony PlayStation 4 is in development, it is with Wikipedia . More information and insights can be found on the official website of Roblox.

Roblox guide on how to get free robux and codes

Roblox guide on how to get free robux and codes

Before we dive into tips on how to get Robux for free in Roblox, let’s remind you once again what this game is about. Roblox is an MMO gaming platform that allows players to build their games. It’s perfect for all generations, and it highlights your creativity. But, the chances are you know what it is about when you read this article.

Robux is the main currency in Roblox. You can buy pretty much all items with him, including various outfits and gear. It’s not easy to earn Robux without investing real money, but there are still ways you can do it. Take a look at the key tips on how to get Robux for free to buy items in Roblox.

Use Roblox hacks or cheats

I start with this because it is the most effective method currently available. With a Roblox hack , you can generate unlimited robustx for free. There are no restrictions on what you can do with a robux generator. You can use it from any device with a browser, whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows or macOS. You can use it as many times as you want so you can also top up your friends’ accounts. The only thing you should know is how reliable and safe the tool is. That’s because there are Roblox hacks that either do not work or your account is suspended. If you want to try out such a tool then you should take a look at our Roblox Cheats Guide .

Use the currency options for trading

Besides Robux you also earn tickets while playing Roblox. If you do not need tickets at a certain time, you can exchange them for the money in the game. The price varies, but in most cases there is a Robux for 19 tickets.

Report violations to developer

Since Roblox is intended for all ages and is intended primarily for children under the age of 18, the developers want everything to work smoothly. For this reason, you will be rewarded if you report a violation of the rules of this social platform. The process of reporting someone is pretty quick and can give you tickets that you can later exchange for Robux.

The bad news is that you need some time to earn the virtual money this way. For every 100 reported violations you will receive only 200 tickets. That’s only about 10 robux worth, so you will not benefit much with this method.

Sell ​​your skills

Note that this will only work if you have script or build skills. If that’s true, you can use your knowledge to earn Robux in Roblox. Quite simply – go to the Group Recruiting Plaza and sign up for rental.

If you’ve become an expert in creating games with Roblox, this could be a quick way to earn the game currency without investing money. Many people need a specific design or style, but they can not design it themselves. This is where you and your abilities come into play. You give them what they want for their game, and they pay you in Robux.

Buy game passes

While playing in Roblox, you can buy game passes. These are badges that give you a bonus in a particular game. When you create a game pass, other players can buy it directly from the social platform. If you receive game passes, you can also sell them in exchange for the currency in the game.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s an advantage to be a member of the Builders Club here. If you join the club, you will receive 70% of the amount paid, while non-paying members will receive only 10%.

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The big truth

There are only a small part of the methods that can be used to earn Robux in Roblox when you are not a member of the Builders Club. While membership in the club requires you to invest some money, it’s not much if you compare it to all the benefits you get.

For example, when you become a member of the Builders Club for the first time , you’ll only get 100 Robux to join. Apart from that, every day you get an extra boost in terms of Robux. The amount you receive daily depends on the type of membership you choose, and can be up to 15 or up to 60 Robux.

When you purchase the Builders Club membership, you also discover additional ways to earn the currency in the game.

Trade or sell items to others

All members of the Roblox Builders Club have the opportunity to trade and sell items to other players. If you have an item you do not need, you can sell it to another member in exchange for Robux. You can also choose to exchange items with others and include the currency in the trade. For example, ask the other party to give you an item along with some Robux in exchange for what you offer.

In the end, the best way to get free Robux is to use roblox hacks or cheats. So if you want to have as many items as those who put money into the game or already used such cheats for Roblox, then you have to go that way.

Hobbyist developers will make $30 million via ‘Roblox’

Hobbyist developers will make $30 million via 'Roblox'

Roblox is not a real development platform and not a game. On Roblox romp players who can boot their hobby projects there and publish on the supported platform. An idea that allows the founders to pay out the 30 million euros to the hobby game makers.

On Roblox you can find a lot of games, but not the big developers. A lot of hobby developers upload their games here and can publish them on the platform. In 2015, Roblox already had more than 6 million monthly players. Now the creators of the unusual project can announce 56 million monthly active players. A growth that is enormous.

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In addition to PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Roblox is also available for XBox One, Oculus Rift and Windows 10. Right top developers among the hobbyists make up to $ 100,000 a month with their games. Overall, the creators are now able to pay the developers $ 30 million. By the way, these are not virtual dollars, but real money.

Each player can create their own game in the Roblox Universe and publish it via supported platforms. This is impressive, taking indie game development to a whole new level. The games are monetized by selling items in the game. The players pay in the Robux currency and the Developer Exchange program converts them into real money. About 1.7 million Roblox players are developers.

But there are differences, because not every game is monetized, not every one in the same way. So one creator makes more money with his game than another. Roblox spokesman Brian Jaquet reports that some of the top developers are on their way to earning $ 3 million in 2017.

The reasons for the rapid growth of Roblox are above all in the support of the XBox One and the improvement of the mobile experience, which had increased tremendously on the platform. Meanwhile, Roblox has become a real network where you can quickly share success and games with friends. The third Roblox Developer’s Conference is currently taking place in San Jose, where developers can exchange ideas and learn a lot in panels and seminars.